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The Beaconsfield School A specialist Arts College

Art and Design



  • Increase and improve each student’s confidence in his/her ability by the development of art based skills in a variety of media including both traditional and new digital technologies
  • Develop an increased awareness and response to the visual environment
  • Stimulate creativity, imagination and individual self-expression
  • Increase an awareness of the importance of all aspects of the environment as a means of improving the individual’s quality of life
  • Promote an awareness of the multicultural society, utilising the rich variety of stimuli of past and present cultures
  • Increase an awareness of, and interest in, artists, designers, architects and their work – both past and present
  • Develop an understanding of the design process and the nature of design implementation for technology
  • Develop critical faculties in the understanding and appreciation of art, design and craft

 Curriculum Maps

Academic Year 2022/2023


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