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The Beaconsfield School A specialist Arts College


Drama lessons aim to provide our students with a platform to experiment, create and learn to succeed in drama and performing arts.

We believe is important to the curriculum as it develops vital skills such as leadership, team work, creativity and confidence.

Students explore a variety of different texts and contemporary issues which provides an exciting and relevant learning environment. We pride ourselves on consistently good results at GCSE and A Level and are experimenting with digital learning and independent projects to motivate and inspire the students to succeed.

As a Drama Department we understand the importance of extra curricular activities and the impact it can have on a student's development at school. From the moment students attend the school in Year 7 they have the chance to get involved, both on the stage and off. Year 7 students can attend a weekly drama club which allows them to experience not just the role of performer but director and playwright by producing a variety of different performances throughout the year. It also gives students who are new to the school a chance to develop new friendships and to realise new talents they may have.

We enter in Rock Challenge, which is a dance/drama competition. We feel this is an important time for students of different ages to collaborate and work together. It is lovely to see individuals be inspired by other students and to feel proud of representing their school in such a way. 

In the summer term Years 7, 8 and 9 can look forward to the Key Stage 3 play. This is a devised project that is managed by us but directed by Year 9 students.

Key Stage 4 and 5 students represent the school each year by taking part in the Shakespeare for Schools Festival.