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Exam Results

Exam entries and arrangements are handled by the Exams Officer, Mrs Hawkins.

email: lhawkins@beaconsfield.school

Year 11 Exam Results 2021 Headteacher's Statement

Our Year 11 students should be very proud of a fantastic set of GCSE results. Despite facing enormous challenges this year, they have all applied themselves extremely well and studied very hard. The Centre Assessed Grades process was extremely rigorous, and I am confident that this cohort will be in a very strong position as they take their next steps into Year 12 and really thrive, both inside and outside of the classroom.

76% of all GCSE grades were 4 and above, and 17% of grades were 7 and above, with a significant increase in students' progress from last year. That is a superb set of results and will stand our fantastic students in great stead as they take their next steps. I congratulate them all.

Key Stage Four Headline Measures

2018 2019 2020 2021
Progress 8 -0.07 -0.42 n/a +0
Attainment 8 44.1 40.08 46.89 47.56
Eng and Mat L4+ 70% 54% 70% 79%
Ebacc Entered 69% 54% 62% 60%
Ebacc Achieved 40% 29% 33% 31%

*Students received Centre Assessed Grades


Year 13 Exam Results 2021 Headteacher's Statement

I would like to congratulate all our fantastic Year 13 students on a remarkable set of results. Their significant academic and vocational success really demonstrates their commitment and maturity during what has been a challenging year for them all. It has been a pleasure working with them and seeing their growth first-hand over the last year. Our first cohort of International Baccalaureate students have done extremely well and have set a high bar for future cohorts. They move on to a range of universities, including The University of Bath, Queen Mary University of London and The University of Southampton. I will look forward to hearing about their successes in the future and they have been a credit to themselves and their families.

88% achieved A* to C grades, and 56% achieved A* to B at A-Level which is fabulous achievement. Our first cohort of International Baccalaureate Careers Program students achieved a fantastic set of results, and on average made a grade higher than expected. Our vocational students achieved 49% Distinction and Distinction*, and 85% Merit and above which again is a remarkable accomplishment.

Key Stage Five Headline Measures

2018 2019 2020 2021
L3VA Academic -0.33 -0.46 +0.34 +0.87
Average Grade D+ D C+ B-
A* to C 54.5% 46.6% 78 88.37
A* to B 25.7% 13.7% 41.3% 55.81
A* to A 10.9% 4.8% 19.5% 20.9%
Points per entry 26.01 22.4 34.5 36.59
L3VA – Applied +0.51 +0.55 +0.48 +1.21

*Students received Centre Assessed Grades


*This data is unvalidated until performance tables are published. Data for the cohort excludes students taught at Aspire. English measures are the highest of Lang’ & Lit’ unless stated otherwise.

Letters regarding Centre Assessed Grades