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Welcome to The Beaconsfield School website, where we hope you will be able to see the enthusiasm, sense of achievement and pride that our students enjoy in their everyday life at The Beaconsfield School.

The Beaconsfield School Governing Body is committed to ensuring that all our students have the best possible start in life. Working with the Acting Headteacher and her team, we are responsible for setting the vision, ethos and strategic direction of the school. We are also responsible for challenging and monitoring the school's performance and ensuring effective management of the way resources are used, so that we know money is being well spent.

We take these responsibilities very seriously, actively asking informed questions at our regular committee and link meetings, understanding the data presented to us, making regular visits to the school and keeping up to date with good practice in other schools. We are personally committed to high achievement and keep ourselves updated through regular governor training.

Chaired by Jo Fisher, the governors are subdivided into committees that focus on individual aspects of the school operations

  • Teaching and Learning

  • People and Personnel

  • Finance and Operations

We have a range of specialist skills, for example in business strategy, education, finance and project management, that we use to benefit the school, through our support for the Acting Headteacher and staff. As people who live locally, we provide a link between the school and our community. 

We all work together, as volunteers, to ensure that every student at The Beaconsfield School has as many opportunities as possible to achieve and succeed.

Meet the Governors

  • Jo Fisher
    Chair of Governors
  • Natasha Foligno
    Vice Chair of Governors
  • Paula Hashmi
    Chair Finance & Operations Committee.
  • Nicole Wagner
    Vice Chair of People and Personnel Committee
  • Aman Aujla
    Community Governor
  • Louise Earnshaw
    Parent Governor
  • Patrick Wimble
    Parent Governor
  • Felicity Poole
    Finance Commitee Member
  • Melanie Smith
    Staff Governor

Each committee meets termly and reports back to the meeting of the Full Governing Body. The Governing body consists of 11 Governors.

To contact the Governing Body:

By Email: office@beaconsfield.school addressed to the governor you wish to contact.
By Email: chairofgovernors@beaconsfield.school for the Chair of Governors.
By Post: Addressed to the school c/o Headteacher’s PA, marked private and confidential.

Trust Members

J Fisher Chair of Governors
P Hashmi
N Wagner


N Foligno P Hashmi
L Earnshaw F Poole
P Wimble S West
A Aujla F Poole
M Smith K Tukhoo
N Wagner


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