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History at Key Stage 4

Topic Assessment Details Overall % of Final grade
Year 10 & Year 11 Weimar and Nazi Germany, 1918-39 1hr 20mins 30% Modern Depth Study

Medicine in Britain c 1250 to present


The British sector Western Front, 1914-18; surgery and treatment

1hr 15mns 30% British Thematic Study with Historic Environment
Early Elizabethan England 1558-88 1hr 45mins 40% Period Study and British Depth Study
The American West, c1835-1895

All examinations are taken at the end of Year 11



Germany 1919-1939 (Red revision booklet contains all of the below. All yr 11s have a copy)

Kaiser Wilhelm I

Treaty of Versailles


The problems of the Weimar Republic

3 Putsch/ Uprisings: Spartacist, Kapp and Munich


1923 – 3 Crises: Ruhr, Hyperinflation and the Munich Putsch

Stresemann: Young Plan, Dawes Plan, Locarno Treaty, League of Nations and the Rentenmark


The Golden Age and Culture


Nazi Change in tactics


The Depression 1929…


Hitler becomes Chancellor

Hitler becomes dictator: Reichstag Fire, The Enabling Act, The Night of the Long Knives.


Nazi policies towards: Young, Church, Women.

Opposition to the Nazis


Nazi Propaganda


Persecution of: Jews, Disabled, Gypsies…


Kristallnacht 1939


Nazi Economy: Schacht, Goering,4 Year Plan, unemployment


Medicine Through Time (Yellow revision booklet contains all of the below.  All yr 11s have a copy)

Ancient Greek:  Hippocrates and Galen

The Middle Ages

The Renaissance: Vesalius, Harvey 

The Industrial Revolution & Public Health:  Jenner, Lister, Nightingale, Chadwick, Simpson, Pasteur, Koch 

The Modern Period: Fleming, Ehrlich, Beveridge, Bevan

The Transformation of surgery  19th & 20th Century

The issues of pain, blood loss and infection


Anaesthetics: Humphrey Davy and Laughing Gas

                          Simpson  and chloroform

                         Patients: Hannah Green and Queen Victoria.


1846-1870 the Black Period of surgery

Semmelweiss and hand washing

Pasteur’s Germ Theory

Joseph Lister & carbolic spray (antiseptics)


William Halsted – rubber gloves


World War One’s influence:  Sodium Citrate, X-Rays , FANYs


World War Two’s influence:  Fleming  (Florey and Chain) and Penicilin, McIndoe and burns, 


20th Century discoveries.