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ICT Key Stage 5

Information technology in a global society

Information Technology in a Global Society (ITGS) is part of the IB program.  It is the study and evaluation of the impact of information technology on individuals and society. It explores the advantages and disadvantages of the use of digitized information at the local and global level. ITGS provides a framework for the students to make informed judgements and decisions about the use of information technology (IT) within social contexts.

Social impact includes the economic, political, cultural, legal, environmental, ergonomic, health and psychological effects of IT on human life.

Ethical considerations refer to the responsibility and accountability of those involved in the design implementation and use of IT.

An Information System (IT System) is a collection of people, information technologies, data, methods and policies organised to accomplish specific functions and solve specific problems.

Below is the ‘ITGS Triangle’ that shows the connection between the 3 strands of the course

Entry Requirements

You will be required to meet the entrance requirements for the International Baccalaureate CP at The Beaconsfield School.