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The Beaconsfield School A specialist Arts College

Key Stage 3 RS

The topics studied are:

Year 7

  • Why study RS?
    Thinking about the big questions: Why do people believe in God? Are heaven and hell real? Why do some people believe in something and others don't? What's so special about being a human being?
    Students are encouraged to ask their own deep questions and to reflect on their own opinions and those of others.
  • How can I express myself when words are not enough?
    A range of religious art is investigated to help students to explore the point of purpose of a range of styles in religious art. Creativity and debate are encouraged in this unit of work.
  • Who am I?
    In this unit the concept of identity is investigated. Students explore the different ways that people of faith (and those without religious beliefs) might choose to express themselves on the outside, as well as what people might be feeling on the inside. Formal and informal identity are explored.
    • How can we all live together?
    • Who am I?

Year 8

  • Evil and Suffering
  • What values guide our lives?
  • Critical Thinking
  • What's so special about us?

Year 9

  • How do religious values influence medical ethics?
  • Exploring Ethics
  • My Enquiry
  • Does it make sense to believe in God?
  • Introduction to Philosophy