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The Beaconsfield School A specialist Arts College

Key Stage 5

Students study Drama A Level under the EDUQAS syllabus.

Component 1 - Devising

Students explore a range of practitioners alongside a play chosen by us. They are expected to recreate the play with the chosen practitioner in mind. They are also expected to create a log book to document their process.

Component 2 – Performance

Students will performance a devised piece based off a stimulus and a scripted piece that is externally assessed.

Students also provide a logbook that articulates their process and influence in rehearsals.

Component 3 – Exam

Students are required to study three plays and are to draw upon all of their knowledge from the course to answer questions in the exam. This may include how the students might direct the play, how they would approach the character or design elements.


We are also offering BTEC Performing Arts Foundation Diploma from 2018 as part of the IBCP Program.