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Mathematics - Key Stage 3

When students enter the school in year 7, they are placed in ability groups based upon Key Stage 2 results and information provided by the primary school, they will then complete a baseline test to further decide which scheme of work is best suited to them.  


Students are fully supported throughout their time at The Beaconsfield School with excellent resources, targeted teaching, and opportunities to attend after school sessions as well as extra support from teachers in the department on an individual and small group basis. In line with the school’s home learning policy and to reinforce and extend skills, homework is set and expected to be completed every week. 


What will I study? 

  • How to apply a broad range of mathematical concepts to solve problems, both abstract and in context. 
  • The number system and how to effectively work with numbers including percentages, fractions, decimals and ratios; 
  • The use of algebra to solve problems involving unknowns; 
  • Properties of shapes and space and how to effectively use measures; 
  • The use of statistics and data handling to collect, present and interpret data. 


You will learn by: 

Working on investigations and rich tasks to solve problems and make mathematical connections and discoveries for yourself.  Completing paired and group work to build team working and communication skills alongside developing your mathematical knowledge and skills.  Exploring mathematical concepts and how they relate to and describe the world around us.  Using maths related ICT programs and software where possible. 


How will I be assessed? 

Each term our students are tested to assess their progress. Students are assessed on a mixture of calculator and non- calculator questions.  Progress is constantly monitored and set changes are made at the end of the term to suit students attainment levels.  



All students require a scientific calculator and basic geometry equipment (protractor, pencil, ruler and pair of compasses). These can be purchased from any stationery retailer. 


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