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Mathematics - GCSE

9-1 GCSE

At GCSE, students follow the AQA specification at Higher or Foundation tier according to their ability. The year group is arranged in six sets of increasing ability with regular monitoring to ensure students are on track and working towards the appropriate qualification.

All students will study the same topics to a differing degree of complexity depending on their tier of entry and capability. There are two tiers of entry - Foundation (where a grade of 1-5 can be awarded) and Higher (where grades 4-9 will be available).

Text Books

ISBN: 978-0007597437

ISBN: 978-0008113810

The topics are as follows

U1 Basic Number
U2 Factors and Multiples
U3 Basic Fractions
U4 Basic Algebra
U5 Angles
U6 Basic Decimals
U7 Rounding
U8 Basic Percentages
U9 Ratio & Proportion
U10 Equations & Formulae
U11 Scale Diagrams & Bearings
U12 Scatter Graphs
U13 Perimeter & Area
U14 Circles
U15 Coordinates & Linear Graphs
U16 Collecting and Representing Data
U17 Sequences
U18 Basic Probability
U19 Basic Indices
U20 Standard Form
U21 Real Life Graphs
U22 Transformations
U23 Calculating with Percentages
U24 Pythagoras' Theorem
U25 Averages & Range
U26 2D Representations of 3D Shapes
U27 Construction & Loci
U28 Basic Inequalities
U29 Introducing Rearranging Formulae
U30 Fractions Review
U31 Ratio & Proportion Review
U32 Properties of Polygons
U33 Linear Simultaneous Equations

U34 Basic Trigonometry
U35 Further Indices
U36 Introducing Quadratics
U37 Measures
U38 Surds
U39 Solving Inequalities
U40 Rational Numbers
U41 Congruence & Similarity
U42 Probability
U43 Arcs & Sectors
U44 Upper & Lower Bounds
U45 Volume
U46 Cumulative Frequency and Box Plots
U47 Histograms
U48 Cylinders, Cones & Spheres
U49 Ratio & Proportion Review
U50 Linear & Quadratic Equations and their Graphs
U51 Algebra Recap & Review
U52 Algebraic Functions and Identities
U53 Algebraic Fractions
U54 Growth & Decay
U55 Circle Theorems
U56 Equation of a Circle
U57 Further Trigonometry
U58 Advanced Proportion
U59 Quadratic Inequalities
U60 Vectors
U61 Trigonometric Graphs
U62 Transforming Functions
U63 Iterative Methods to Solve Equations
U64 Gradient & Rate of Change
U65 Pre-Calculus & Area under a Curve

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