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Mathematics - Key Stage 4 

9-1 GCSE


What will I Study?
The GCSE Mathematics course is based upon the Edexcel GCSE Mathematics 9-1 and Mathematics is a compulsory subject at GCSE for all students.  During the course, pupils will develop knowledge and skills in understanding mathematical methods and concepts including Number, Algebra, Ratio and Proportion, Rates of change, Geometry and Measures and Statistics and Probability. Throughout the syllabus, teaching will explore concepts with emphasis on reasoning and problem solving skills to build confidence in understanding. 


How will I be assessed? 

Each term our students are tested to assess their progress. Students are assessed on a mixture of calculator and non- calculator questions.  Progress is constantly monitored and set changes are made at the end of the term to suit students’ attainment levels.  


The course will be assessed at the end of year 11 through three written papers, each contributing one third of the final grade. One paper will be non-calculator and the other two calculator papers, each of length 1 hour 30 minutes. 


Each paper will have a range of question types, utilising both structured and unstructured questions. Some questions on the paper will be set in context, both mathematical and non-mathematical. The exams will be testing skills of fluency, reasoning and problem solving. There are clear distinctions in content at Higher and Foundation level. A decision based on prior attainment, mock examinations and teacher assessment in class as well as homework, will be made as to the tier of entry prior to the examination. The grading in higher tier will be grades 9-4 and the foundation 5-1. The full specification can be downloaded at: 

Edexcel Maths Specification from 2017 



All students require a scientific calculator and basic geometry equipment (protractor, pencil, ruler and pair of compasses). These can be purchased from any stationery retailer. 

 Curriculum Maps