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Mathematics - Key Stage 5

A Level Year 12/13


 What will I Study?
The new A Level course consists of two Pure Mathematics modules, and one Applied Mathematics module covering Statistics and Mechanics. A few of the topics from the GCSE higher tier are revisited at A level but, in general, pupils will be studying new topics and a much wider syllabus. Pure Mathematics will consider proof, algebra, co-ordinate geometry, sequences and series, trigonometry, exponentials and logarithms, calculus and functions. In Applied Mathematics, Statistics considers mathematical models in probability and statistics; data presentation and interpretation; statistical distributions and hypothesis testing. Mechanics considers mathematical models; kinematics; forces and Newton's laws and moments. As students' progress throughout the two-year course, their mathematical maturity will increase and students will begin to appreciate the beauty and immense power of Mathematics.

The course encourages an understanding of Mathematics and mathematical processes in a way to promote confidence and foster enjoyment. It develops the ability to reason logically, to generalise and to construct sound mathematical proofs. 


How will I be assessed?
Syllabus no: 9MA0
Each module is assessed by a 2 hour exam, worth 33.3% of the qualification, taken at the end of Year 13. There is no coursework.  


What are the entry requirements?
A level assumes that pupils will use the mathematical background and expertise developed at GCSE, thus a minimum of a Grade 7 at GCSE is required. Pupils must be willing to enter into a partnership with their Mathematics teachers in order to share the more extensive knowledge of mathematical ideas and methods. Pupils must have a genuine interest in the subject and appreciate that, in terms of technical skills and understanding, it is quite different from the GCSE course. Pupils will need to have the maturity to take responsibility for their learning and understanding with the support of their Mathematics teachers. 


Mathematics is one of the oldest academic subjects. It therefore is well respected for university entrance and combines well with other A level subjects, whether they are art, science or language based.