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Modern Foreign Languages (MFL)

MFL has a spiral curriculum, which allows teachers and students to revisit previous knowledge, while adding more sophisticated vocabulary and sentence structures throughout KS3 and KS4. This allows students to revisit familiar topics at KS4 that they will have encountered at KS3. This builds on their confidence to manipulate language to complete a variety of listening, speaking, reading and writing tasks.  

Students are encouraged to make links with previously taught language across the different modules, to avoid them seeing language as something which is fixed. Model sentences, writing frames and module vocabulary lists provide the scaffolding needed to use a foreign language successfully. The language should be fluid and teachers will adapt it to current cultural trends, issues and the inquisitiveness of students. Resources include songs, poems, as well as other authentic material from the target language country. This sets the foundation for more complex language at KS4 and beyond.  

At the Beaconsfield School our Curriculum aims: 

  •        To develop an interest in learning to speak another language 
  •         To improve the confidence of students to use all 4 skills, listening, speaking, reading          and writing 
  •          To highlight the fact that skills acquired through learning a new language are                         transferable to other aspects of life 
  •          To promote an interest in different cultures 
  •         To raise awareness of the benefits of language learning and the opportunities                         available to those who speak a foreign language 
  •          To encourage the use of technology across a variety of different learning platforms              to enable students to learn and retrieve vocabulary and practise the grammar and              structure of the target language 

Formal assessments are completed in line with the assessment calendar set out by SLT at the beginning of each academic year. For KS3 and Year 10 these take place three times over the academic year. Students will be assessed in at least 2 out of 4 skills, listening, speaking, reading and writing. Students will also be assessed at the end of the year in at least 3 skills.  

Every September we have a dedicated languages week centred around European Day of Languages on 26th September. We hold a different competition each year which involve all our staff and students. We have started taking students out to a KS3 French/Spanish Film workshop trip in conjunction with the British Film Industry. Our Year 13 students have recently visited to Valencia, Spain and we are currently in the early stages of planning a French trip later in the year. 


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