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Our music curriculum gives students a rich and exciting grounding in the wonderful world of music, whatever their starting point. 

Imagine a party, wedding, jubilee, memorable journey or a holiday without any music… it is quite simply the invisible backdrop of all the truly great moments in our lives.

Music is a unique and powerful way to express yourself and helps you discover even more about our amazing world. Regular, weekly musical activity activates the young and developing mind in ways that develop incredibly vibrant and stimulating connections. Music is analytical, emotional, physical and cultural all at the same time and it really does make an incredible difference to experience the thrill and fun of music making as a learner.

All students use quality musical instruments and state-of-the-art Apple Mac computer systems to explore music through composing, performing, listening and appraising in tasks that are engaging and motivating. Music lessons often draw links to other subjects such as maths, English, art and geography to enrich the understanding students gain from their musical learning.

We see extra curricular music-making as an extension of classroom activities and encourage all students who are learning to play an instrument to bring it in to lessons and get ‘stuck in’, to show their peers the wonderful sounds they are working on with their instrument! 

In each and every lesson we want students to really get the chance to feel ‘musical’, not merely to ‘learn about music’ but to experience the true joy of it!

Private Music Lessons

The Beaconsfield School works The Bucks Music Trust to provide a selection of group or individual music lessons which can take place during the school day. The Bucks Music Trust can offer tuition on all instruments including strings, woodwind, brass, percussion, piano, voice and guitars.

 For more information please click on the links below or email www.bucksmusic.org directly.




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