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The school site is very busy with coaches and taxis for students between 8.10am and 8.45am and 2:30pm and 3:15pm. Due to safety reasons and lack of parking, parents are not permitted to bring their cars onto the school site. Please arrange to meet your son/daughter at a suitable parking location in the vicinity of the school. There is no parking for Sixth Formers on site.


For those students travelling on school buses, the timetables can be found on the following link. The times listed may differ from that advised in your original letter so please check using this link

The school is well served by both public and school buses. Any disruption to the bus service is highlighted on the Buckinghamshire Council web site.

Parents who are not entitled to free transport and who would like to apply for paid transport, are advised to visit the Buckinghamshire Council website using this link to Buckinghamshire Council school transport webpage and application form. Please submit your application online as this process is quicker and more efficient.

Information on the 522 Bus to school for September 2022 which is a community-run school bus serving Loudwater - Flackwell Health - Bourne End - Wooburn Green.

It is run by parents in partnership with a local operator and all costs are equally shared amongst all passengers making it very good value.

Their Facebook page has lots of information: https://www.facebook.com/groups/TBS522Bus/

The 522 email address is:

For the safety of all passengers we expect students using these services to demonstrate excellent behaviour whilst using the bus services. Failure to meet these standards may result in your child being banned from the bus or fined.

Basic Expectations on the Bus:

  • Do not eat or drink on the bus.
  • Take your rubbish home.
  • Wear seat belts, and store belts correctly at the end of the journey.
  • Do not distract the driver.
  • Remain seated throughout the journey. Do not stand up.
  • Respect each other, the bus and especially the driver.

Important Reminders

  • You MUST have a valid bus pass for your coach available at all times.
  • You CANNOT take friends home on your bus.
  • You cannot swap coaches for any reason.
  • If you lose your pass you must get a temporary replacement from Reception, then apply to Buckinghamshire Council for a permanent replacement.

The way you behave when going to and from school says a lot about you, your family and The Beaconsfield School. When travelling to and from school, the normal school rules apply, including:

  • The wearing of school uniform correctly
  • No fighting
  • No bullying
  • No smoking
  • No spitting
  • No vandalism
  • No swearing or verbal aggression

If you see any misconduct, please report it to the driver/conductor of the bus/train or a Police officer and inform The Beaconsfield School as soon as possible.


With a number of schools within a relatively small geographic area, Wattleton Road can become a traffic bottleneck very easily, and for those students for whom it is viable, walking offers a healthly alternative.


For those students wishing to ride to school, bike sheds and racks are available. We recommend a sturdy lock and request that all students walk with their bike whilst on the school site. Please ensure your son/daughter has an appropriately fitted helmet, has fully working bike lights for the darker months and wears appropriate high visibility clothing.

The Trainline.com have put together a guide to booking family train tickets and included ways you can save money on train tickets and child fare information.
Click on the link to find out more.