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Why is pornography a problem?

Leaving to one side any religious or moralistic arguments, we can see problems in pornography use manifesting in the psychological alterations of those who use it.

In the gap between the biology of reproduction lessons and the very soft hand holding lessons about relationships there is an enormous knowledge gap and currently it is being filled by pornography. A lot of children are learning about sex and sexual relationships solely through online pornography, which is by no means realistic. This creates unrealistic expectations of themselves and their partners, with girls thinking they need to replicate what they see 'performed' on the internet and boys thinking they should be aggressive, emulating the violence they see. Obviously not all will do this but a proportion do.

CEOP advice

With the damage online pornography is doing to formative sexual relationships, consent is also an issue that needs tackling. This subject is difficult to talk about and issues concerning rape are also in the forefront.

As such, the following video is a must for every young person who is becoming sexually active.

Consent explained

New campaign about relationships: must see Disrespect no body