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School Uniform

The school expects all students to wear their school uniform with pride from the time they leave home to the time they take their uniform off when they return home. 

As with all schools, wearing the correct uniform is a standard expectation at all times (blazer, shirt (tucked in at all times), tie, trousers/skirt and correct school shoes).

If a student does not wear the correct uniform (including appropriate school shoes), the following will occur:

  • The student will be issued with the correct uniform and will be required to swap their mobile phone (or another item of value in the school's opinion if no mobile phone available) for the borrowed uniform item.
  • If a student does not have the correct footwear, they will be expected to wear black plimsolls for the school day which will be provided by the school where possible.
  • The mobile phone (or other valuable item) should only be swapped when requested by the responsible staff member and should not be brought out any earlier (following the school's policy on mobile phones).
  • The mobile phone will be kept safe until the end of the school day when the student should return to the office to swap their phone back in return for the uniform item (which should be returned in good order). If the borrowed uniform item is not returned in good order, the family will be expected to repay the full cost of the item in question so that the school’s supplies can be replenished. (Please note that if there are other charges owed to the school these must be paid first before students can attend any paid trips as reflected in our policies for Educational Trips and Charging and Remission). 
  • If any student refuses to follow these procedures, the school will follow the behaviour policy in this circumstance, which may involve exclusions.

Please also note that this will be applicable to our expectations on hairstyles, jewellery and accessories. 

Students are responsible for their own property.  Students should take steps to ensure they have all their possessions with them whilst in school and secure them appropriately if in a practical subject.

Benefits of a school uniform are:

  • The differences between pupils are reduced, which in turn reduces some of the causes of isolation and bullying
  • Self esteem of particular groups of pupils may be improved
  • Security is improved - it's easy to spot who does and does not belong to the school community
  • Pupils feel a stronger sense of belonging and commitment to the school
  • It improves the image of the school in the local community
  • It creates sense of purpose within the school environment


Our uniform supplier is The School Shop:


Other suitable non-branded uniform can be sourced from retail outlets and second-hand from the PTFA or year team.