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Science at Key Stage 4

Science at Key Stage 4.

All students start AQA GCSE Science at the beginning of Year 9. 60 students follow the single sciences (biology, chemistry and physics) and 90 students follow the combined science GCSE course, consisting of 2 GCSE qualifications. Starting the GCSE courses early allows more time for revision in Year 11 before the summer exams. Every student follows the AQA 9-1 Activate scheme of work. Just as in Key Stage 3, all Key Stage 4 students have their own login to the kerboodle text book and to all resources used in lessons. Students experience a wide range of practical work, including the required practicals which are assessed in the GCSE exams at the end of Year 11.

All Key Stage 4 Science courses are taught in five 50 minute lessons a week. 

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