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Sixth Form Attendance

Sixth Form Attendance

Recent reports indicate that for every 10% attendance falls, a grade will be dropped at A level e.g. 90% - a drop of one grade, 80% - a drop of two grades. It is therefore important that students attend all lessons, to maximise their chance of success.

Students are expected to attend morning registration, Monday – Friday 8.35am – 8.55am. This time is when students will get 1 to 1 mentoring, attend assemblies, receive UCAS and Careers advice or take part in leadership and mentoring sessions with lower school students. Students attending lessons with consortium schools are not required to attend mentor time or assembly on consortium days, to allow them to reach their consortium lessons on time.

All students are expected to attend Supervised Study sessions in the Library. This allows students time to focus on the independent study that is vital for their success in all of their subjects.

All absence and lateness must be reported by 8.35am by one of the following methods

  • A text message to the Sixth Form Attendance Mobile Phone giving a reason for absence or lateness. The phone number is 07594 932785
  • A telephone call to 01494 687959.  A voice message may be left.
  • An email to eyoung@beaconsfield.school

Any student arriving after 8.55am must sign in at the Library.

If a student knows in advance they will not be attending (e.g. university visits) they must inform Attendance so a note can be made on their records. 

Please try to ensure medical and dental appointments, driving lessons and other non-emergency appointments are made outside of school hours.