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Student Council

TBS Student Council 

Student council members are chosen by an anonymous vote by their form groups and serve as a representative of the thoughts and interests of their peers. We meet throughout the year, giving representatives the chance to voice their opinions on a variety of issues and provide feedback to the Senior Leadership Team at TBS.


So far this year, the student council has provided feedback on the COVID safety procedures in school, giving staff useful perspectives that have shaped improvements of school-wide systems. Our year 10 representatives also got the chance to meet with the MP for Beaconsfield, Joy Morrisey, and ask her questions about the impact government has on them as young people.


Currently, the student council has played a vital role in providing feedback and student perspectives on the nationwide lockdown. They have been speaking with their classmates and feeding that information back to staff to help drive the changes that students hope to see in their day-to-day experience.