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Head Team

The Head Boy and Head Girl are the focal point of the Student Voice system. They work together with the Senior Prefects, Prefects and the School Council to make sure that every student’s voice is heard. The Head Boy and Head Girl head the half-termly School Council meetings and report back to the Senior Leadership Team (SLT) who give them feedback which is broadcast in the year group assemblies the next week.

The Head Team focus on bringing forth their initiatives which are decided in the first application process. These initiatives may include focus groups with younger years, community cohesion amongst the school, welcoming new students and student voice programmes.  Email us: headteam@beaconsfield.school


Head Team






Our prefects are the public face of The Beaconsfield School; an invaluable and highly regarded team. Opportunities to become prefects are limited and highly sort after. We value the support they give the school.

In our prefects we look for students that:

  • want to take on a leadership role in school.
  • are prepared to give up their own time (break times / after school).
  • have a clear vision of  how they want to contribute to the school community.
  • are prepared to be involved in all aspects of school life.
  • have the ability to motivate other students.
  • want to ensure that all students feel safe.
  • think that they can help all students fulfil their potential.

Prefects receive training and are subject to an on-going appraisal system. Our aim is to give prefects a taste of what life is like in the jobs markets.

Led by a team leader, prefects have duties in The Hub at break-times and are assigned to Key Stage 3 mentor groups to run various activity sessions every week. This can be anything from organising the election of Year Council representatives to running puzzle sessions. They also help out at parents evenings, open evenings and school productions. 

All students in Year 10 have the opportunity to apply for the role of prefect. Interested students should apply in writing detailing how they can contribute to the school community and what qualities they have that makes them a suitable candidate. They should also submit a CV detailing all relevant experience.

Senior Prefects

Any member of the Sixth Form may apply to be a Senior Prefect.

Senior Prefects play an important role in helping with the smooth running of the school. There are many opportunities to develop personal skills and qualities such as leadership, responsibility, sense of service and trust.

Senior Prefects are expected to:

  • Encourage others in the school community to benefit from the educational opportunities offered by the school.
  • Play a key role on public occasions such as open days.
  • Take prospective pupils and parents on tours of the school.
  • Be open and honest and show a sense of responsibility.
  • Carry out willingly and effectively the duties and tasks requested of them by members of staff.
  • Be an example to all members of the School in their general conduct, appearance and attendance.
  • Be fully committed to their academic work and extra-curricular activities.
  • Act as a role model both in school and in the community.

Student Council

TBS Student Council 

Student council members are chosen by an anonymous vote by their form groups and serve as a representative of the thoughts and interests of their peers. We meet throughout the year, giving representatives the chance to voice their opinions on a variety of issues and provide feedback to the Senior Leadership Team at TBS.

So far this year, the student council has provided feedback on the COVID safety procedures in school, giving staff useful perspectives that have shaped improvements of school-wide systems. Our year 10 representatives also got the chance to meet with the MP for Beaconsfield, Joy Morrisey, and ask her questions about the impact government has on them as young people.

Currently, the student council has played a vital role in providing feedback and student perspectives on the nationwide lockdown. They have been speaking with their classmates and feeding that information back to staff to help drive the changes that students hope to see in their day-to-day experience.