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The Inspiration Programme

The Inspiration Programme 


The Inspiration Programme was developed by a large group of people from business, the arts, charities, statutory bodies, and educationalists who came together to address the problem of young people leaving education, at any level, often ill prepared for working life.  

This programme enhances existing provision and creates opportunities for young people, providing direct and meaningful experiences with unique and unprecedented access to important elements of our community: working life, arts and culture, police and criminal justice, community, and environment as well as personal health and wellbeing. 

The programme is a valuable addition to a young person’s life experience, CV, personal statement and understanding of the wide range of careers available to them. The course is offered through schools and colleges and enhances learning in core and foundation subjects within the curriculum. 

It takes place throughout the academic year, each pillar running for a half term; 1 session each week for 6 weeks with regular opportunities for young people to reflect on what they have gained. It covers the six important elements of our society: 


Police and Criminal Justice 

Health & Wellbeing 

Arts & Culture 

Community & Environment  

Work Skills 


A crucial aspect of the programme is that it engages students in real experiences. Around half of the sessions take place outside of the classroom with a range of experienced and valued partners. 

Each 6-week pillar starts with an inspirational session. An external guest challenges any preconceptions and encourages students to embrace new ways of thinking. The final session of each pillar supports students to reflect on the enriching experiences of the previous weeks, and to consider the range of associated career opportunities. 

The programme supports young people to have greater belief in their own abilities by becoming more skilled problem-solvers, better team-workers, and stronger communicators. As a result, young people will be more self-motivated and better prepared to transition from education into employment, benefitting both themselves and their potential employers.